ZAGREB WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY AND FILMZagreb – Hotel Westin + Riverside Garden WeddingTihana & Mariano

Again in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. Now officially, this is our most visited checkpoint for wedding photography and videography.
And we are happy because we love Zagreb. There are a lot of great places for photo sessions, amazing wedding resorts, and hotels. We also have a lot of friends in Zagreb, and we love to hang out with them and enjoy some street food festivals, or just chill on some Zagreb main squares.

The most important day is always the day after we usually come. Wedding day! Our dear couple this time was Tihana & Mariano. These guys are amazing! We meet for the first time at Westin Hotel in Zagreb, on the wedding day, and from the first minute, it was a super relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Westin has a great view on Zagreb streets and the museum Mimara. With pleasure and a lot of laughs, we capture wedding preparation. Restaurant “Come to mama!” was our next station. A lot of cool friends and family were waiting for the bride and groom. When they come, Mirza and his music band made a great vibe, and restaurant staff served tapas and the house specialty, super tasty pizzas! Two hours later, we went to the parish of St. Leopold Mandic, and ceremonies all was ready for the most relaxing part of the day.

And guess where? Our favorite place Riverside Garden Wedding Event Resort.
While other guests enjoy delicious food and welcome cocktails, we got lost for forty minutes with Tihana and Mariano to the nearby Zagreb Golf court. And like every time, the sunset was ideal for photography and film session. All that was left now is just to dance, smile, eat and drink in Riverside Garden. The first part of the night was with the music band and after the first dance and wedding cake, on the stage comes a popular duo, Dj Martin Sić and sax men Ivor Reljic, made a hell of a show until the dawn.

Until the next time!