CROATIA WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER AND VIDEOGRAPHERWedding under stars on Rab – Hotel ArbianaAdrijana & Christian

We found a great place for elopement or wedding in Croatia.
If you’re into dancing under the stars, reception by the pool, church by the sea then Rab island is a great choice.
This was our first time visiting and our first time doing wedding photography and videography on Rab.
After driving through amazing nature, and a ferry ride, we arrived in Rab city, the location of our wedding.
A day before the wedding We had some free time, so we walk the streets, tried some great pasta,
and we tried the famous cake Rab’s Cake (Rapska Torta).

On the day of the wedding, locations were 200 m apart so organizing was so easy.
The bride and groom were getting ready in a presidential suite in a luxury heritage Hotel Arbiana est. 1924.
The rooms are light, big and with a great view. Ideal for wedding preparation and ideal for photography and film.
After catching great moments and emotions with Adrijana & Christian, it was time for the first look.

Hotel Arbiana is in the center of Rab city, and all around are the most iconic Rab streets and squares.
One of these is Freedom Square (Trg Slobode – Pjaceta), the location where Christian first time saw Adrijana in a wedding dress.
Just one minute walk from Freedom Square was the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, also called Old Rab Cathedral, where our bride and groom said YES.

Cathedral is located on a small hill, a couple of stairs away from the Hotel Arbiana. Reception in Agatha’s Gardens (Agatini vrtovi) was amazing, we had some drinks, saw some pretty great dance moves and enjoyed in breathtaking decor from talented “Gea Vjencanja” who made this evening even more special with simple, natural and amazing decorations and flowers all around the Agatha’s Gardens.
All was ready for one of the most beautiful weddings under the stars. After a great night, full of positive energy, we can say that we are honored by making wedding photography and film on Rab island.