Croatia wedding photography and filmRiverside Golf & Country Weddings – ZagrebZorica & Renato

June, 09. Beautiful sunny day in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. With almost 1 million people who live in Zagreb, we had the honor to witness the love of Zorica and Renato. It was a wedding we’d been looking forward, we had a long communication with the couple and we realized they put so much effort to make that day perfect. We started the day with Renato in one of the most popular and almost iconic barbershop called Gospon Fulir. (Mister Fulir) The whole gang was there and capturing the moments was not a problem, plus we enjoyed watching the retro style haircuts being done. Zorica was with her friends in a nice hotel Academia. They talked and giggled the entire time. She was looking stunning in a wedding dress, but more on that in the photos below. Cream on the cake was arriving at the Riverside Golf  and Country weddings (Golf vjenčanja Zagreb) where the party was supposed to take place. Indoor was amazing, decoration and a detail was on a whole new level, photoshoot on the sunset, hole 9 and beautiful couple was something that will stick to us for a long time. We hope you will feel all the love and effort to make this day perfect. The video is in Videography section.


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